“Although classically trained, Kristy retains the unique ability to blend classical elements with pop and rock influences, producing contemporary pop music full of grace, elegance and dynamism.” – Randy Radic, HuffPost
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“Kristy is a talented songwriter with lots to say and the means to back up her musical statements.” – John Pfeiffer, The Aquarian Weekly
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“…there are a few talented artists who demonstrate, incontrovertibly, that it’s possible to apply the grace and beauty of the classical harp to modern rock. Kristy Chmura is one of those rare musicians, and in her native New Jersey, she’s an acclaimed and respected figure. Her steady, seamless integration of classical technique into pop and rock songs has always marked her as an artist to follow.” –exposedvocals.com 
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Kristy Chmura is an American artist known for her creativity with a focus on the harp. Combining this instrument, intimate lyrics and emotive vocals will certainly arouse curiosity. In fact, I enjoyed this interview and would like to highlight her music offers a one-of-a-kind experience!” –Erick, electrowow.net
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“Nothing’s Rights” shows off the sweet sounds of Kristy Chmura’s music folk-inflected vocals. The song embraces a spacious elegant approach as it neatly embodies a gorgeous mix of classical and chamber pop. Lyrics focus upon a lingering sadness, lending the track a mournful aura.” – Monique Grimme, Bongo Boy Records.
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